Why Carve a Spoon?

In this modern world we live in, most of us spend much of our lives behind a screen with little to show for our investment of time. We spend hours mindlessly scrolling our Facebook and Instagram feeds, staying caught up on our emails and texts, watching that next hit Netflix series, or working on that big project for work, but are left feeling drained and disconnected at the end of the day. So, why carve a spoon?

First, you can develop a new skill that produces a useful tangible product. Much of what we buy today is mass produced and are designed to made as quickly and cheaply as possible. Hand carved spoons are not only a great way to make functional items for your kitchen, but make great one-of-a-kind gift for your friends and family. You get to decide the purpose and design of your spoon to meet the need at hand, as opposed to the cookie cutter all-purpose design of store bought items. The skills acquired in spoon carving will prepare you for a myriad of other wood projects as you begin to learn the ins-and-outs of wood grain, and the safe use and maintenance of hand tools.

Second, spoon carving connects you to the world around you. It gets you walking outside into the forest looking for wood. On the way, you experience all kinds of things in the natural world that stimulate your senses in a way that leaves you invigorated and recharged. You will begin to see the differences in how different species of wood carve and the sensory feedback that goes along with that connection to the tree. If you’re like me, you start to listen for chainsaws and wood chippers, and end up building community by connecting to your neighbors.

Third, we flourish doing craft in community. Some of the most natural conversations I can remember have been crafting at traditional skills gatherings or sharing meals around the fire pit. Our hands are busy together. We draw inspiration and knowledge from each other, while building the each others worth through conversation, giving value to the community.

So, try carving a spoon. See where it takes you.

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